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 If you are looking for your first job or trying to get back into employment, People 1st can help you through the Steps 2 Success Programme ,Local Employment Intermediary Service (LEMIS+) or Community Family Support Programme (CFSP).

Steps 2 Success

This is an exciting opportunity for jobseekers in Northern Ireland to build skills and experience that will help them progress into work. People 1st delivers the programme in the Belfast region in partnership with Ingeus Armstrong Learning, and Springvale Employment and Learning.

The Local Employment Intermediary Service Plus (Lemis+)

This is an initiative designed to help unemployed people in the community overcome those issues that may be preventing them from finding and keeping a job..

Community Family Support Programme (CFSP)

If your family needs help, support is available. For instance, if you or a family member isn't in education, employment or training, you will get help and advice to address your needs and access to a range of positive opportunities.

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