Playwork. Emma’s journey to qualification

This Apprenticeships case study focuses on our talented Playwork Apprentice Emma, who works just outside Belfast at Sleepy Hollow Private Daycare Nursery and After-schools Club, Crumlin.

Emma is incredible at her job, she has a real passion for children and at People 1st we are so happy with her progress, and as you can see from the video, she is pretty delighted with her journey on her Level 3 Apprenticeship too!

It has been life changing for Emma to have been given the opportunity to come back into work after having a young family, and find a way to get childcare or playwork qualifications through People 1st, while getting valuable work skills and experience at the same time with Sleepy Hollow.

Apprenticeships are so incredible for this reason, as they are a combined offering and you get fully paid while you work as a normal employee, plus at the end you have a recognised qualification and the chance to continue on to gain the next level too. As Emma explains, do not hold yourself back!

If you are willing, we are here to help you find a way to get this childcare qualification through People 1st…if you have fallen out of education but this is really what you would like to do then please contact us as we are here to help and our incredible employers like Sleepy Hollow, will also support you on your journey to achieving your level 2 or level 3 childcare qualification in Playwork or Early Years.

The Sleepy Hollow Group are an amazing partner for People 1st in childcare and playwork vocational areas. Sleepy Hollow is Northern Irelands largest childcare company, established over 30 years ago, they have over 1000 registered spaces across 18 sites many also based on site at a range of Primary School’s across NI, for ease of offering their services direct to schools and local families.

They are extremely forward thinking in the childcare sector, they have they own unique approach which is a blend of ‘Reggio Emilia’ and the ‘Curiosity Approach’ to create their own ’Sleepy Hollow Inspired’. We have a very strong relationship with Sleepy Hollow, they are an incredible company and any of our apprentices that work alongside their teams, learn so much and develop an amazing set of skills that truly transforms their interaction with children. We have another apprenticeships case study with Emma’s employers Sleepy Hollow and their Director Bronagh and Manager Karen- where you can find out more about their fabulous work, and how apprenticeships have benefitted their business too.

Hear about People 1st Playwork Apprentice Emma
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