Working in Health and Social Care, while studying part time.

Fahima- Queens University Belfast, part-time student, was able to take part in an Employment Academy with People 1st and Belfast City Council- crucial experience for her future career path.

I am a Medical graduate from Bangladesh which is a densely populated country with very little employment opportunities. In the year 2020 when COVID 19 masked our world, I had no salary increment and that’s when I decided to move to UK for higher studies at Queen’s University Belfast. During my stay in Belfast, I faced the real challenges of life and hence decided to look for a job. I am fortunate enough that Belfast City Council arranged an employment roadshow and I am happy that I attended it. I am married, my husband works as a delivery rider for Just eats and Uber eats as he also looks after our only child when I am away at work.

What got you onto the Academy?

I had no knowledge regarding CV and how to attend interviews. Just when I was roaming at every stalls of the employment roadshow, Jonny Redpath was inspiring a girl to join the academy as she had difficulty in speaking English. I loved the way he explained the positive outcomes of joining the academy and completing the training. I straight away walked to them and signed in for the academy. My gut feelings were positive as well with my actions.

Did you enjoy the Academy – What did you find the most useful?

I loved the academy, I remember I did not miss any classes and I still remember everything that I learned from the trainers that day. I think the most useful part for me was when the academy helped us build a CV and guided us on interview skills.

How did you find the interview process- were you nervous?

The interview process were excellent. The employment academy took care of everything, from timing to providing us map for the correct location. I was little bit nervous because I am international but I was very confident during my interview because the academy trained us exactly how the interviewers wanted.

How long have you been working?

 I have been working for five months now and during these five, I have successfully received my Tier 2 work visa because my employer gave me sponsorship which was my target from the beginning.

How has it been going?

I love my job, There are times when days are tiring, challenging and unpredictable but in the end I am happy because I gave my best shot.

Has it been what you expected?

I expected that it would be difficult to survive with the people of Belfast because of my language and as I am from Bangladesh but I was completely wronged when I met my colleagues and also the residents. They are awesome.

What is next?

I am planning to work and grow bigger in this field.

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