As a result of Brexit, European Social Fund initiatives are under threat across Northern Ireland  and those people it supports are facing losing a vital service.  
This specialist ESF funding supports the incredible work carried out by our Community Family Support Programme and LEMIS WORKS, which are both funded by the European Social Fund money which is coming to an end. Please read and share to show your support for these amazing programmes that help change the lives of those we are able to help.
ESF Peer Group chair Rev Andrew Irvine, who is chief executive of East Belfast Mission, said: “Everyone accepts that the work of our members is invaluable to the most disadvantaged and marginalised in society who find it difficult to access employment. Our members currently support over 17,000 vulnerable people and we’ve helped almost 12,000 people secure employment. But if we can’t secure continuity in funding, the 1,700 people who provide this support will face a very uncertain future.”