SLA Agreement (Employee)

Service Level Agreement (Employee)


I the undersigned confirm that I have received the induction handbook supplied to me by People 1st and that I have read and understood the commitment required of me regarding the following.

Qualification Information:

  • The evidence for the vocational qualification undertaken must be generated from the workplace and cannot be achieved without a wide range of workbased evidence.
  • Candidates must produce sufficient workplace evidence against each of these assessment criteria for an assessor to determine their competence.
  • Any candidate under investigation will be suspended from the training programme pending the outcome of investigation.
  • Any private candidate/employer who cancels their standing order for payment of the course without negotiation, will be considered as having left the provision. Deposits and payments made are non-refundable.
  • All assignment work must be submitted within 8 months of taught class completion, or further charges may incur.
  • Any incidence of plagiarism will be acted upon according to the set protocol and may result in sanctions and the candidate’s employer being informed.

Candidate Role:

  • Attendance of 80% required and the protocol around informing absence.
  • Timely completion of assignments
  • Liaison required to facilitate workplace assessor observation visits.
  • Reporting of suspension pending investigation outcome.

Employer Role:

Act as, or appoint, a workplace mentor whose role is to support the candidate

  • Take part in regular progress reviews
  • Provide testimonies in relation to the candidate’s performance.
  • Facilitate learning opportunities and practical experience
  • Support full attendance
  • Reporting of suspension pending investigation outcome.

Qualification Eligibility

The specific vocational eligibility criteria for this qualification, and the ability of the employer to provide access to the workplace for assessment.

Delivery Model

The targeted completion times – Level 2/3 – 18 months, Level 5 – 24 months to complete.

Breakdown of directed training, competence observations, assignments, witness testimonies and professional discussions.

Qualification Structure

The mandatory and optional units and credit values.

Signatures –