Delighted to be Investors in People Gold Award Winners!

People 1st secures Investors in People Gold Award again!

Delighted to be Investors in People Gold Award Winners!
From left, People 1st Directors Ronan Heenan and Bernie Daly receiving their Investors in People Gold Award

We are so excited to announce that People 1st has achieved the Investors in People Gold Award for the tenth year in a row!! In a testament to our unwavering commitment to employee development and organisational excellence, People 1st proudly announces the achievement of the Investors in People Gold award, an award we are proud to have held consecutively since 2012. This remarkable accomplishment marks over two decades of being recognised as an Investors in People accredited business, demonstrates our steadfast dedication to fostering a workplace culture that nurtures talent and drives success.

 “There is an evident sense of pride working in the organisation, with your people feeling

that they are playing their part in success, what it wants to achieve and also

making a difference to wider society through providing future opportunities for

learners. “.

Investors in People report 2023

The Investors in People Gold Award

The Investors in People Gold award is a coveted recognition in the business world, symbolising our commitment to achieving high standards in people management and development. It acknowledges our outstanding efforts in empowering employees, fostering a positive working environment, and continually striving for excellence. The feedback from our inspection with the Investors in People team underscores our proactive approach to people management, a strong commitment to innovation, and a dedication to building on our success, with the Investors in People team witnessing that:

 “ The company is recognised as having a very proactive approach

to people management and development and a strong commitment

to innovate and improve, building on success achieved and to

innovate services and offerings for the future. “

Investors in People Report 2023
Delighted to be Investors in People Gold Award Winners!
Directors Bernie and Ronan collected our Investors in People Gold Award at a gala event in Belfast

Our Journey to Success with the Investors in People Gold Award

Since 2012, People 1st has consistently demonstrated dedication to employee well-being and professional growth. This recognition is a testament to our ongoing efforts to create a workplace where individuals thrive and contribute their best. The Investors in People report highlights the strong connection and sense of trust with our senior management team, reflecting the real, sincere team ethos that is an integral part of the culture we have worked hard to build.

Reinforcing our company goals with this coveted award!

As we celebrate this achievement, we remain focused on our goals, including establishing an effective learning and development culture, ensuring everyone understands their role, and empowering our people to take personal responsibility for innovation and continuous improvement. The Investors in People framework evaluates us based on key indicators, and our success in maintaining the Gold standard speaks volumes about our sustained focus on these critical aspects of organisational culture.

 ” Your recognised expertise, quality and professionalism in the sector was commented upon by your

people as the key to your success. Equally important, is your genuine

people-centric culture that allows for flexibility, commitment, and hard work.

Your core values are therefore viewed as important and fundamental in

supporting day to day activities. “

Investors in People report 2023

Delighted to Receive the Coveted Investors in People Gold Award

The leadership and employees of People 1st are delighted and proud to have achieved the Investors in People Gold award for this tenth consecutive year. This accomplishment reflects the collective efforts of the entire organisation, from top-level management to every team member contributing to our success. In an era where attracting and retaining top talent is a competitive advantage, the Investors in People Gold award serves as a powerful endorsement of People 1st as an employer of choice.

 “ Thanks to all the staff who participated in this We invest in People assessment by completing the

survey or through individual discussions. The conversations were interesting

and it was a pleasure to talk to members of your team about their work. Particular

thanks go to Bernie Daly and all of the senior leadership team, for their

ongoing commitment to Investors in People. “

Investors in People Report 2023
Delighted to be Investors in People Gold Award Winners!
Spot our Directors – happy recipients of the Investors in Gold People Award

Looking Forward to 2024 and beyond

As People 1st celebrates this remarkable milestone, we remain committed to our core values and principles that have paved the way for this consistent success. The Gold award is not just a recognition of the past; it is a springboard for the future. People 1st is poised to build on this foundation, leveraging the award to attract top talent, foster innovation, and maintain a workplace culture that inspires excellence.  This recognition not only celebrates past accomplishments but also sets the stage for a future where People 1st continues to thrive as a workplace where individuals flourish and contribute to the company’s ongoing success as one of our team members said themselves during the process…genuinely people come first and that is why we have developed really strong relationships that have helped this business adapt and grow”  

Delighted to be Investors in People Gold Award Winners!
The Investors in People team and recipients of all award levels, at the Gala event in Belfast

Congratulations to everyone involved in People 1st on this well-deserved accolade, and thank you for each team member’s communal effort. Together, let’s realise your ambition! Lets finish off with final words from the Investors in People team about this Gold Award

” Everyone should be extremely proud of the ethos, values, and culture within People 1st that have helped maintain this We invest in people Gold award. This achievement is all the more significant considering how the organisation and everyone within it faced unprecedented challenges as a result of the global pandemic. We wish you continued future success. “ 

If you would like to read more about the Investors in People Gold Award then here is a link to their website: and you can find out about this award and other awards such as the Deloitte Ireland ‘Best Managed Companies’ here:

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