Exciting Career Opportunities ahead! Mid & East Antrim Support Services Employment Academy

We are delighted to announce this exciting Support Services Employment Academy with Mid & East Antrim Labour Market Partnership, created for council residents wishing to work in Health & Social Care.

Exciting Career Opportunities ahead! Mid & East Antrim Support Services Employment Academy
Would you like to work in Health and Social Care? Join our Academy today!

Fast Track your way to working in the Care sector!

Always wanted to help others and work in the Care sector but weren’t sure how to go about it, or maybe you have no experience and need a bit of support with the interview process? Then this 5 day FREE Support Services Employment Academy course will be a fantastic starting point for you!

Starting on Monday the 27th of November, our helpful and supportive Academy team will take you and other candidates through our specially created programme to fast track your way into employment within this in-demand sector.

What is the Support Services Employment Academy?

It is an enjoyable employment programme created to assist those new to the Health and Social Care sector, by giving you a great insight into the roles available and the care you might give in these various job roles. Over the 5 days of the Support Services Employment Academy you will have access to our specialist training created specifically to give you a strong overview of what you need to work in the care industry. We will provide you with support and mentoring to gain employment and you will gain access to our database of employers who have live vacancies across the Mid and East Antrim Borough Council area with full time, part time and casual contracts all available to start now!!

Exciting Career Opportunities ahead! Mid & East Antrim Support Services Employment Academy
Help those living in your community with a range of employment opportunities in Care

What do you learn during the 5 days on this Support Services Employment Academy?

What will the 5 days cover?

  • Working in Care: An exploration of the diverse range of career pathways within the social care sector.
  • Introduction to Care Standards, RQIA and The Social Care Council
  • Values and attributes, underpinning principles, and standards of practice
  • Consolidation of online learning module on confidentiality: Information Governance and Cyber Security
  • Meet the employer – Guest speaker from care sector outlining what they look for in an employee

What are the benefits of taking part in this Support Services Employment Academy?

Benefits to taking part in this Support Services, Health and Social Care Academy?

  • A chance to improve employability
  • Guaranteed interviews with employers
  • Access to industry standard vocational training
  • One to one mentoring support for the duration of the programme
  • An introduction to the sector and an insight into the range of job roles available

We have also videos and case studies from past participants from various Academies on our website here: https://people-1st.co.uk/programmes/academies/ so please visit this link to find out more and hear how life-changing it can be!

Exciting Career Opportunities ahead! Mid & East Antrim Support Services Employment Academy
Help in the home roles as well as various other settings within Health and Social Care

Who can apply for the Support Services Employment Academy?

You must be over 16 years of age and living in the Mid and East Antrim areas to apply for the Support Services Employment Academy. Preference will be given to those who are economically inactive, long- term unemployed or under-employed (working less than 16 hours).

How to apply for the Support Services Employment Academy?

For registration and further information please email Kim from People 1st at [email protected] or [email protected]

You can also find further information about the Mid and East Antrim Labour Market Partnership and their employment initiatives here: https://www.midandeastantrim.gov.uk/business/amplify-mid-and-east-antrim/employment-and-skills-support/labour-market-partnership

Exciting Career Opportunities ahead! Mid & East Antrim Support Services Employment Academy
Make that first step today, and apply for a place on this Academy

Tina, aged 47 from Ballymena, took part in a past Support Services Employment Academy- hear what she had to say about her experience!

Tina, 47, from the Ballymena area had been unemployed for 3 years but unfortunately had to leave her job due to medical conditions. She really wanted a job which helped people and supported them to live a better quality of life. Tina had over 10 years experience working in a special needs role and knew that her passion lay in working with individuals who needed extra assistance and support, to help them lead full and independent lives.

Tina saw the Mid and East Antrim Employment Academy advertised in the local paper and thought it would be a good opportunity to try and re-enter the employment market.

Tina was assigned a Mentor from People 1st, who contacted her to chat through her employment goals. It became obvious that she had some concerns regarding her medical history and coming back into employment. Tina’s mentor spent time chatting to her about both physical and mental health concerns, reassuring her that these were challenges that could be overcome. Tina was nervous as she had had a very bad experience in her workplace previously and this negatively affected her mental health. This had left her worried about references and how she would be able to move beyond that experience.

Tina stated “ I thought due to my past experience I wouldn’t get good references but after speaking to People 1st, I was reassured and my mind was put to rest and here I am working with three great references.’’ After reassuring Tina that these where areas which could be overcome, she became more motivated to gain employment in the Health and Social Care sector.

Tina attended the academy with People 1st which boosted her confidence and helped her understand the basic principles of care work. Tina was supported to apply for work and prepare for interviews. Tina successfully gained an offer of employment from a local nursing home and is now undertaking her NVQ Level 2 with People 1st, while working in her new job.

“I’m so glad I contacted people 1st, it’s been a great experience. The support from the One to One phone calls, Zoom meetings, the emotional support, help with interview techniques and being encouraged to think I can do this!!!. I love how it’s given me confidence to get out working again. I really love working with people again and has given me confidence and I really enjoy my work. Thank you to everyone in People 1st”

Tina, Ballymena- Past Mid and East Antrim Academy Participant

So if you are sitting at home, reading this and thinking you would love to do something like Tina then please reach out and get in touch with us today, as we would love to help you through our Support Services Employment Academy, achieve a rewarding career in caring, like we did with Tina.

Email Kim at [email protected] today and we will be in touch to secure your spot!

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