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What is the ‘WORK IT OUT’ Programme?

 The ‘WORK IT OUT’ programme is a new Maths Essential Skills course helping the economically inactive to get a maths qualification that employers will recognise.  These Maths Essential Skills numeracy classes can be life changing, if you struggle with maths on a day to day basis! We offer these courses across Northern Ireland, online and in-person in some council areas and we have dedicated team members locally to support you. 

This programme is part funded by the UK Government ‘Levelling Up’ Programme, and there is no cost to sign up. Find out more about the Levelling Up initiative here:

The WORK IT OUT programme is specifically for the economically active in our community, so please read our Eligibility tab below to find out more as this covers a range of situations and by taking part in the programme your benefits will not be affected. 

Why sign up for this Maths Essential Skills programme?

The WORK IT OUT programme is all about building your confidence and aims to transform your life financially and emotionally, benefitting not only you, but your family and local community as well. If you would like help with daily tasks such as how to:

  • work out bills
  • do family budget
  • manage finances
  • go to the bank
  • help with kids homework
  • calculate quantities for DIY projects 

then read on to find out more about how the WORK IT OUT Maths Essential Skills can help you!

You will be able to:

  • learn at your own pace with People 1st
  • practise how to use the skills you learn in everyday situations
  • gain qualifications that employers will recognise

We will also help assess your level before you start to ensure you begin classes at the right level. These Maths Essential Skills classes are small, informal and relaxed and our team is really friendly and approachable, so please don’t feel nervous as we are here to help!

We also help with job mentoring and CV preparation as part of the course. The course is FREE for the unemployed (economically inactive) and you can achieve a Level 1 or a Level 2 qualification in Maths Essential Skills. 

If you are employed and want to gain your Maths Essential Skills then you may be able to do this as part of your qualification. For example if you are enrolled onto the Apprenticeships programme and also our Skills for Life and Work, school leavers programme

Let us help you gain confidence by getting your Maths Essential Skills with the Work it Out programme
Work it Out Maths Essential Skills for the unemployed or economically inactive across Northern Ireland

Our talented and skilled ‘WORK IT OUT’ team are there to help you every step of the way.  ‘WORK IT OUT’  will help give you the maths essential skills qualifications and confidence needed for everyday life. On joining the programme you will be allocated to a class either online on in person. If you are struggling to find work because you do not have your GCSE maths then the Maths Essential Skills Level 1 or Level 2 qualification will be a great addition to your CV also when it comes to job applications. If you are finding your CV is a bit out of date or flat, then we can also help by providing CV preparation and job mentoring support as part of this course too, to help you back into employment!

So let us help you ‘WORK IT OUT’

  • Maths Essential Skills (Numeracy)
  • FREE for the economically inactive
  • learn at your own pace
  • Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications
  • available online across Northern Ireland
  • available in person in certain council areas (see below)
  • classes are relaxed, small numbers and friendly tutors
  • you must be living in Northern Ireland to take part.

Our main aim is to support you with gaining you so whether that be a online or in person, we have lots of hints, tips and ways to make learning maths that little bit easier.


Our 'Work It Out' Maths Essential Skills team

People 1st have been offering essential skills training in Maths (numeracy) for many years, so our team are very experienced in this area. Although  WORK IT OUT  is a new programme, launched in early 2023, it is headed up by experienced Project Manager Cathy Morris, and her talented team.

How can I find out more about these Maths Essential Skills classes?

The ‘WORK IT OUT’ team are based across Northern Ireland and are focused on helping you on your journey back to maths confidence and in time hopefully, also to employment. Cathy and the team will be happy to answer any questions for you. Please feel free to contact her by email or phone on the contact details below;

Why choose People 1st?

We offer the highest standards of support and mentoring for participants and although this is a new programme, our team is highly experienced in delivering numeracy support and training.

We have a network of support staff across Northern Ireland and can meet with you wherever you find comfortable to discuss your needs and agree your tailored support. Our team will guide and mentor you throughout your time on the ‘WORK IT OUT’ programme to ensure you are making great progress towards the goal of gaining employment.


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Please contact our Project Manager Cathy Norris directly via email on [email protected] or by phone on 07786 272 022 and Cathy will be able to assist you to sign up. Please ensure you meet the eligibility criteria above to apply,

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The ‘WORK IT OUT’ programme is a free programme to sign up to and it is open to anyone who is economically inactive and living in Northern Ireland. It is not a mandatory programme.

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No this programme will not affect your benefits at all. Our team of mentors are here to support you and we are an independent service, and not linked to the benefits system at all. 

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Please do not worry as that is what these classes and for and we are here to support you to improve your numeracy skills and help you get more confident. Other participants will be in the same position as you are, so you will be amongst others who need help too. 

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We offer an Essential Skills qualification  at Level 1 or Level 2 when you complete your training. This is for those who didn’t achieve their GCSE in Maths, and it provides an equivalent qualification when applying for jobs. 

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We are here to help you with your maths skills to assist you to gain an essential skills qualification which can help support your CV for job applications. Whether you have never worked, lost your job recently or many years ago, we are here to help without judgement and you are able to apply to this course. Our main aim is to give you the support you require at any stage of your numeracy journey. 

We are compassionate and supportive, and are ready to help you overcome any barriers you may be facing.

Hear from participants from other programmes...

“People 1st were fantastic to deal with from start to finish. They were incredibly diligent in ensuring that we found the right candidate for the positions that we had available. The mentor in particular was incredibly friendly, engaging and extremely responsive to our business needs. I would highly recommend them for anyone either looking for a role or as an employer wanting to recruit, you really couldn’t be in better hands.” CTS, Warrenpoint

“Having been in long term employment for over 20 years, it was very difficult to know where to start when it came to looking for a new job. Karen offered excellent advice and real support when it came to completing application forms and creating a CV. She was very friendly and efficient and I would highly recommend the services of the team at People 1st to anyone in the same position as me” Brenda, Employment support client

“I personally found People 1st an invaluable service whilst looking for alternative employment opportunities. A personalised C. V. Tailored by the mentor was fundamental in securing me employment long term…I highly recommend People 1st and would encourage continued support for this vital service.” EM Past Client

“I found Karen Campbell a fantastic source of support when job hunting. From CV preparation to interview skills, Karen guided me and developed my confidence. Although my first interview was unsuccessful, Karen sourced alternative interviews through her many contacts and I was successful in gaining a suitable position.” GW, LEMIS Client

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