The People 1st Apprenticeship team of Peter, Nadine and Trevor are going to be at the Apprentice Fair at Guildhall Derry on 13th October- find out more about how you can sign up to be an apprentice with us and gain qualifications while you work!

The apprenticeships programme is a fabulous way to ‘earn while you learn’ if you want to get trained and gain qualifications in a vocational area while you work and get paid.

This option really suited current trainee chef Sean Owens, who is studying for his Level 3 apprenticeship with People 1st NorthWest and Browns In Town. Sean loved cooking and while working part time in Browns decided to leave the world of computers to forge a new path way in the culinary arts:
” I was working in IT and decided to go down the chef path as it was much more suited to me. Culinary School was very expensive and the Apprenticeships programme allows me to gather the same skills without any expense. I’d highly recommend it to anyone, the Apprenticeships programmme has given me the opportunity to follow a new career path. “

If you have any questions in the lead up to the event our specialist Nadine Elliott will be happy to answer them, so either email [email protected] or call 07999 025671

You can also watch more about Sean’s story below and find out more about his journey with People 1st and his employer Browns in Town, Derry.

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