Managing Meetings

Effective meetings should bring the right people together for a specific purpose. They should provide an opportunity for discussion and deliver results such as decisions, a plan, or an understanding of the work and challenges ahead.

Managing meetings is one of the most expensive activities an organisation can carry out. The more senior you are in an organisation, the more often you attend meetings. But are these meetings always effective? Are they planned for and do they have a purpose and clear objective?

This half day course aims to give participants:

  • An insight into the different types of meetings
  • The knowledge needed on how to structure a meeting
  • An understanding of the work required in preparing for meetings
  • The confidence to manage difficult situations in meetings
  • The ability to chair and lead team and 1:1 meetings
  • An understanding of the actions required post-meeting
  • How to conduct meetings using online platforms

Course Contact

Cathy McGarvey

Hear from our students

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Patricia Wilson
After changing career I was anxious about starting a new course, but People 1st made me feel confident and comfortable. They have encouraged me and provided constant support when I have needed it through my Level 2 and my Level 3 qualifications. They provide the best training and I don’t think I would have been able to complete my qualifications, if it wasn’t for the support they offered me. I will hopefully go on to do more qualifications with People 1st in the future.
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Leoní Reilly
I’ve just completed my Level 5 Management course with People 1st. I can’t thank them enough for all the help and support I received, from not only my tutor Amanda, but the organisation as a whole. My classes were always well structured and I felt I could ask for help and guidance whenever I needed it. People 1st have helped me take that next step in my career and I will always be eternally grateful.
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Michelle Allison
Thank you to People 1st and to Caroline Bell for an excellent and informative Assessors Course. From day one, I felt Caroline was there to support me in every way. At times when life got in the way, there was always a check in and she was there to assist with ongoing assignments. The visits and personal discussions were done with a warm welcome and I was at ease completing these which ultimately lead me to successfully completing the course. I am delighted to now be a qualified assessor, thanks to the support of People 1st. I cannot l wait to help and support many other students on their journeys with their own careers.